Kids Church

There is a current program for children 5- 9 years old who leave from the morning service before the sermon. There are occasional activities for children where they can participate in the theme of the teaching each week. Sometimes there is a special children’s song.

There is sometimes a special segment of children’s teaching in the small group on Wednesday evenings in school term when children attend regularly. Kids are welcome as part of our fellowship.

Small groups

Mid week evening fellowship, Bible study and prayer. From 7.00pm on Wednesday nights at one home beginning with a time of fellowship, then prayer and finally Bible study around 8.00pm – during school term. Everyone welcome. Contact the Church for details of this and any other groups and venues.

The are other opportunities to serve the Lord in ministry areas such as:

  1. Audio – assisting in getting quality sound
  2. Bible reading – personal and as a fellowship
  3. Church Retreat planning and preparation
  4. Communication – Announcer (bulletin)
  5. Community support – individually and corporately
  6. Counselling/spiritual development
  7. Deaconesses – spiritual development and support
  8. Deacons – spiritual development and support
  9. Discipleship
  10. Elders/leadership
  11. Evangelism
  12. Hospitality – morning tea set up and wash up and helping with meals etc
  13. Missions support – selected ministries supported each year
  14. Music, singing, instruments  (leadership if gifted and corporately)
  15. Outside noticeboard
  16. Pastoral care/visitation/encouragement
  17. Prayer – meetings and prayer chain and personal devotion to prayer, praying for others
  18. Preaching/teaching
  19. Property and maintenance
  20. Secretary/administration
  21. Service leading and communion sharing
  22. Support community groups incl CareWorks food support and delivery
  23. Small groups
  24. Support to worship services – set up and wash up of communion glasses, morning tea etc
  25. Treasurer and finance
  26. Visual (data projection)
  27. Welcoming visitors