Community Support

Community Support

CareWorks (Churches of Christ Community Care) – Nailsworth Church is committed to support of CareWorks and encourages each member to contribute food items on a regular basis.

The local  community can assist with donations of clothing and other items in the Clothing Bin adjacent to the Broadview Baptist Church (Corner of Collingrove Ave & Rheims St Broadview SA)

Regular financial support and special donations of food items are made to CareWorks.

Global Mission Partners (GNP): Churches of Christ missions program – see Resources that support this outreach

Focus ministries support – regular financial support of this ministry and addtional support by way of purchase of Bibles for international students at Adelaide Uni, some stationery items etc and use of our facilities for Easter and Christmas functions and as required.

Donations to mission work made to a number of organisations each year as determined by the Board

Hosting Apostolic Ministries International Fellowship every Sunday evening and Wednesday evenings for nominal rent to encourage worship and other participation in ministry.