About Us

About Us

Church of Christ Nailsworth has been in existence for around 107 years beginning as a Bible study in Walkerville to its present day form as a community of believers. The foundation stone of the current chapel building was laid in 1928, 90 years ago.

We celebrate the fact that we are diverse in age and interest.

We forever rely on our God for guidance.

We are seeking to grow as a congregation both in size and spiritual maturity.

We fail from time to time but depend on the Grace of God for new direction and insight. He is always faithful.


Leadership: the following serve as elected leaders within the fellowship:

  • pastor and or elder/s
  • deacon/s and deaconess/es
  • secretary
  • treasurer

The Church Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm except when that day is a public holiday or in January.

An Annual General Meeting is held at the beginning of each financial year usually on a Sunday afternoon in August.

We are an incorporated body and have a constitution which is under review with the goal to bring it into greater alignment with scripture.

Others within the fellowship may have delegated roles in ministry under the oversight of the leadership.